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We are commodity trading company representing several PVC resin manufacturers in mainland China.

We supply the following:
Suspension PVC resin - Ethylene based
Quantity: 1000 ...
Lactic acid 80% food grade: Our lactic acid 80% food grade is colorless or yellowish liquid and can be dissolved in water. It sells very well because of the high quality and better ...
Zinc Borate, Molecular formula: 2ZnO@3B2O3@3.5H2O is non-toxic, has low water solubility, high thermal stability and with fine particle size, good dispersibility. It can be used as ...
Min. Order: 18 MT
We offer bismuth ingot / needle. We have associated plant in mainland China. Our capacity is 10ton per month. Premium quality. If interested, please contact for detailed offer.
Min. Order: 1 T
Zinc sulphate monohydrate 22%/25%/30%/33% min white granular:
We have zinc sulphate monohydrate 22%/25%/30%/33% min white granular, can be used in many fields
White granular (dense), white crystalline powder (light), anhydrous substance, easily Soluble in water, presenting alkaline solution, absorbing carbon dioxide ...
Min. Order: 100 MT